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  HC4/001/01/11.02       The importance of Surface Finish
  HC4/002/01/11.02       Electropolishing
  HC4/003/01/11.02       AFP Forgings - Turnback Length
  HC4/004/01/11.02       Surface Finish Measurement
  HC4/005/01/11.02       Surface Finish
  HC4/006/01/11.02       Passivation
  HC4/007/01/11.02       Installation Instructions for Optimum Drainage
  HC4/010/01/11.02       Forged Body Materials for Biopharma Applications
  HC4/011/01/11.02       Diaphragm/Valve Performance (Temp/Press Relationships) Type AFP
HC4/015/01/11.02       Introduction to Traceable Diaphragms
  HC4/016/01/11.02       Traceable Diaphragms

HC4/020/01/09.03       FDA Diaphragm Conformance
  HC4/021/01/09.03       FDA Diaphragms - Rubber Grades
  HC4/022/01/09.03       FDA Diaphragm - PTFE Grades
  HC4/025/01/09.03       USP CL VI Certified Diaphragms for Biopharmaceutical Applications
  HC4/030/01/11.02       Close Coupled Branch Valve (CCBV)
  HC4/031/01/11.02       Close Coupled Branch Valve Dimensions
  HC4/035/01/11.02       Fully Forged Zero Deadleg T Valve (ZDT) - Manual Bonnet
  HC4/036/01/11.02       Fully Forged Zero Deadleg T Valve (ZDT) - EC Actuated
  HC4/040/01/11.02       Multiport Diverter Valve - 2 Way Diverter
  HC4/041/01/11.02       Multiport Diverter Valve - 3 Way Diverter
  HC4/042/01/11.02       Multiport Diverter Valve - 4 Way Diverter
  HC4/043/01/11.02       Multiport Diverter Valve - 5 Way Diverter
  HC4/047/01/11.02       Fully Forged Tank Bottom Valve - EC Actuated
  HC4/050/01/11.02       Diaphragms - Recommended Procedure for Routine Maintenance
  HC4/054/01/03.03       Storage and Shelf Life of Rubber Elastomeric and PTFE Diaphragms
  HC4/080/01/03.04       Simiflex Liner Product Specification
  HC4/081/01/03.04       Saunders Simflex Single Use Liner Valve
  HC4/090/01/11.04       Engineered Polymer Bonnet Assembly (PARA)
  HC4/091/01/11.04       PARA Chemical Resistance
  HC4/100/01/11.02       Performance Bonnet Assemblies - PES
  HC4/101/01/11.02       Installation of Padlocking Kit
  HC4/102/01/11.02       Performance Bonnet - Limit Closing Stop
  HC4/105/01/11.02       Performance Bonnet Assemblies - Limit Closing Stop-Setting to
                                         Prevent Overclosure

  HC4/110/01/11.02       Stainless Steel (Non-Sealed) Bonnet Assembly - Rising Handwheel

  HC4/111/01/11.02       Stainless Steel Sealed Bonnet Assembly
  HC4/120/01/06.04       EC Actuators - Materials of Construction
  HC4/121/01/06.04       Stainless Steel Compact (SSC) Actuators - Materials of Construction
  HC4/122/01/06.04       EC Chemical Resistance
  HC4/123/01/11.02       EC and SSC Actuator Dimensions
  HC4/124/01/09.04       EC Actuators - Dimensions (Forged 2 Way Bodies)
  HC4/125/01/06.04       Introduction to Saunders EC Actuators
  HC4/126/01/06.04       EC Actuators - Performance of Rubber Diaphragms
  HC4/127/01/06.04       EC Actuators - Performance of PTFE Diaphragms
  HC4/130/01/06.04       Mini Pneumatic Positioners
  HC4/131/01/06.04       Mini Electropneumatic Positioners
  HC4/134/01/06.04       Mini Digital Positioners
  HC4/135/01/06.04       EC Actuators - Limit Open Travel Stop Operating Instructions
  HC4/144/01/07.04       ECX Actuators - Materials of Construction
  HC4/U01/01/01.01      Sanitary Diaphragm Valve Specifications
  HC4/U02/01/01.01      Diaphragm Valve Ordering Information and Configuration Schedules
  HC4/U03/01/01.01      Standard 2Way Valve Dimensions

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